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Childrens ProgramWhat is Pathway Children’s Program?
It is a Non-Public School for children with severe and profound developmental disabilities.

What ages do we serve?
The children are three to twenty-one years of age.

What are the primary characteristics of the children?
The primary special characteristic is severe to profound developmental disabilities. Secondary characteristics frequently include mobility, hearing, vision, health or other issues.

What Services are Available?
Special education for children who have intellectual disabilities. Skill training in language, fine motor, gross motor, self-care, and academic areas appropriate to the developmental level of each child. Individualized support for children with secondary health and/or other special needs.

How are children referred to Pathway?
Four Rivers Special Education District and Public school districts refer students following a formal evaluation and case study.

What kinds of professionals work with the children?
A certified teaching staff develops and implements classroom goals. Support service specialists including registered physical therapist, speech therapist, nurse, physical therapy assistant, and one-to-one aides facilitate communication and behavior management.

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