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                                                                                                Category – Professional

                                                                                                Type – Salaried

Basic Function:  To provide medical and health procedures under the direction of the Nursing Supervisor.


Specific Responsibilities


  1. Assists with intake process by securing information related to health and medical histories,

diagnosis and treatment, and preparing medical/social history.


  1. Assists with adult and child medical evaluation, program planning, employee in-service education, and supplying support for Agency staff in management of specific health concerns.


  1. Reports to or consults with the physician as needed about medical, physical, social, emotional, and other problems pertaining to nursing care/developmental needs of the person.


  1. Conducts home visits as appropriate to monitor health needs and to assist families or Agency residential staff.


  1. Makes appropriate documentation of services or progress reports on the persons’ records and maintains an approved system for dispensing medication to individuals served, including proper attention to documentation and safety procedures.


  1. Maintains health forms and statistical information as requested.


  1. Meets with Nursing Supervisor and LPN, or designee(s) as needed to exchange comments and discuss matters of mutual concern.


  1. Provides a copy of his/her current registration certificate as an Illinois Registered Nurse.


  1. Abides by the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act.


  1. Is able to be certified as a DHS Nurse-Trainer.


  1. Trains staff in Medication Administration and other training such as OSHA, CPR, AED First Aid, Direct Support Persons (DSP) Training, etc. as assigned.


  1. Performs the legally designated professional duties requisite to delegating medication administration by non-licensed direct support staff.


  1. Participates in the Nursing on-call rotation.


  1. Fulfills the responsibilities of the Nursing Supervisor in his/her absence when designated by the Nursing Supervisor or Community Living Services Director.


  1. Completes all annual training requirements.


  1. Performs all other duties as assigned.


Minimum Education/Experience

Verifiable documentation of education.  Registered Nurse Certification.  Possess two (2) years of clinical

experience within the last five (5) years, at least one (1) of which shall preferably have been in

developmental disabilities.  Must have a valid Illinois drivers’ license and insurable driving record.



Rev. 12/2005

Rev. 5/2007

Rev. 2/2010

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