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Category – Professional

Type – Salaried


Basic Function: Directs and coordinates the accounting activities of the Agency, oversees all functions of the business office, and oversees all functions of the IT department under the administrative direction of the Executive Director. This position is supervised and evaluated by the Executive Director.


Specific Responsibilities:


  1. Prepares the annual budget, incorporating each program budget into the accounting system to provide monthly financial reports.


  1. Supervises the preparation and maintenance of financial, accounting, and statistical records to support reports to the Executive Director, Board of Directors, funding sources, and governmental/other entities.


  1. Maintains daily control of cash and receivables, investments, cash management, billing and revenue operations.


  1. Develops, for approval by the Executive Director/designee, and implements accounting standards and procedures to assure uniform accounting practices, adequate internal controls, and compliance with all auditing regulations and Board policy.


  1. Maintains the accounting system including the management reporter.


  1. Directs the maintenance of the time keeping system, the ACA management and reporting tool, payroll and related employee benefit plans.


  1. Prepares or reviews all payroll related reports including state and federal quarterly wage and tax statements, monthly state unemployment reports, year-end, W-2 forms, and ACA reporting requirements.


  1. Acts as administrator/trustee of agency retirement plans and submits year-end statistics used by the third party administrator to prepare appropriate tax returns.


  1. Prepares overtime and other information reports and distributes to all directors.


  1. Oversees preparation of monthly sales tax returns.


  1. Oversees purchasing/bidding processes.


  1. Reviews and reconciles general ledger accounts on a monthly basis.


  1. Performs month end close following detailed checklist.


  1. Analyzes collective bargaining and/or other salary and benefit proposals and assists in the formulation of management proposals.


  1. Attends appropriate meetings, including Agency Administrative Team, Board of Directors, Finance Committee, and General Membership, as requested by the Executive Director.


  1. Monitors budget and informs Executive Director of potentially critical financial situations.


  1. Monitors budget and revenue sources and informs Executive Director of revenue opportunities.


  1. Performs year-end close and submits all required documents to auditing firm for annual review and preparation of federal and state tax returns.


  1. Submits year-end reports to DHS and ISBE, and disseminates audited financial statement to all financing entities.


  1. Reviews annually all business insurance including vehicle, property, liability, and workers’ compensation for coverage and pricing.


  1. Is active in the development of skills and positive work performance of staff supervised.


  1. Promotes teamwork and cooperation among supervised employees, peers, supervisors and staff of other programs.


  1. Provides leadership in all agency negotiations with the union.


  1. Supervises all information technology functions and planning.


  1. Completes all annual training requirements.


  1. Performs all other duties as assigned.



Minimum Education / Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or a related field with three or more years of experience in financial and business management or equivalent combination of education and experience. Has a basic understanding of information technology concepts and management.  Is proficient in Microsoft Excel and familiar with other Microsoft Office products.



Rev. 5/2004

Rev. 12/2005

Rev. 8/2007

Rev. 8/2017





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